Goodness Grows Nursery 332 Elberton Road, Lexington, GA Fundraisers $0.00$33.01 300 General Admission $33.01 (33.01 available) Non-Drinker's Admission $23.01 (23.01 available)
H3 * A Craft Beer Festival - Hops*History*Horticulture
When: Sunday, June 29, 2014 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST
Where: Goodness Grows Nursery, 332 Elberton Road 350 East Church Street, Lexington, GA 30648
Goodness Grows Nursery
Rick Berry
(706) 743-5055


  • Tickets are currently not available for this event.
Goodness Grows Nursery
332 Elberton Road
350 East Church Street
Lexington, GA 30648
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H3   Hops * History * Horticulture

Goodness Grows Nursery presents a Craft Beer Festival benefiting Historic Preservation in Oglethorpe County. 

Craft Beer Brewers from the Athens area will feature some of their Craft Beer Brews.  There will be music provided by local musicians, food, and presentations from The Legends of Oglethorpe.  Oglethorpe Fresh Historic Tours will also provide a limited number of horse and carriage tours of the nursery.

There will be other types of entertainment as well. 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit historic preservation projects in Lexington.

Main parking for the event will be at 350 East Church Street in Lexington, Ga.  The Main Nursery entrance at 332 Elberton Road will be for Handicapped Parking Only.

Tickets are available at Goodness Grows Nursery and at this website.

Ticket price includes beverages, food, and entertainment.  You are welcome to tip the performers if you wish, I'm sure they will appreciate it.

You are also welcome to purchase plants from the nursery 

*****You must be 21 to consume Alcoholic Beverages and proper age identification will be required at registration.*****

Drink responsibly and bring a designated driver.

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The Lunch Box
Art Grider - Saxophonist
Cortez Garza - Singer/Songwriter
Richie Knight